Christopher Robin

Exiled half-dwarf looking for redemption from his clan.


iPlay4E: Christopher Robin, Mul Sentinel

Bear Companion: Winnie
HP Christopher Robin’s bloodied value
AC 13+L F 15+L R 11+L W 15+L
Perception +2
Low-light vision

Attack: L+5 v. AC
Hit: 1d12 + Wis + Con


Christopher Robin’s name among dwarves is Malsi (literally translated, “church”, but a better translation is “stronghold of faith”). Since being exiled from his home, he has taken his estranged father’s name as an alias and has started shaving his face and head daily as a symbolic separation from his heritage.

Born to a dwarven mother and a human father in one of the few remaining dwarven settlements in the kingdom, Malsi was generally considered to be a mongrel, and was largely ostracized from the community. Malsi has no knowledge of his father save for the man’s name. The topic was a strict taboo among those who knew anything about the man.

At an early age Malsi was sent to be a ward of the Temple of Moradin, one of few options available to a half-dwarf within the community. Following his coming of age ceremony, Malsi decided to formally join the temple as a druid and a healer. He served as a low-ranking healer for many years, finding that he was discriminated against due to his mixed heritage.

Malsi refuses to discuss the event in any detail, but he admits that he was directly responsible for the death of one of his fellow clan members, which was the cause of his exile. The only thing that Malsi will divulge is that there were extant circumstances surrounding the death, and that a normal resurrection ritual is not possible. Because of this, Malsi seeks “The Seed of Life”. Vague folktales and legends could possibly connect the Seed to the ancient dwarven empire which was in the area near Craggin’s Lament.

In addition, Malsi hopes that in his search for the Seed of Life across the dwarven ruins of the valley, he may cross paths with or find news of his father.

Christopher Robin

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