Craggin's Lament

The Autobiography of Christopher Robin (As Told To Surly Bob)

“You killed… a beholder?”

“Not just a beholder. A beholder necromancer.”

“My mistake. And you found this beholder necromancer where, exactly?”

“There was an enormous wizard’s tower made from obsidian high in the mountains to the north… kind of a big deal. We killed a sphynx and some undead abominations too, but who hasn’t? …Want to see the eyestalk?”

“When I woke up this morning, I said to myself, ‘I hope today is the day someone shows me a beholder eyest—’ sweet Pelor, that reeks! That’ll rot the food, put it away! Is this another one of your trophies for the wall?”

“The warband of giants out east want it as proof of services rendered so we can avert an outright war against the peoples of the valley. You know how it is. But the next beholder we kill is all yours, promise.”

“I won’t settle for less than another beholder necromancer.”

“Always the shrewd bargainer, Bob. We’ll try for a lich.”



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