Craggin's Lament

Level 7 Hiatus Summary

The party received what appeared to be a beholder eyestalk from Vecna the Butler in the prior session. Convincing their stalwart paladin and well-intentioned pyromancer that they had received it by killing the ‘floating-eyeball-death-priest’, they then journeyed to the giants’ camp and presented it to the giant chieftan, Uruk-Hur. Upon exposure to full sunlight the eyestalk shimmered and changed into a long-stem rose— the necromancer had double-crossed them!

Their ruse discovered, the party was immediately challenged to combat by the giant champion, Nick-Nack. It’s a very terrifying name, in Giant. 485 points of damage later, the party slew that flower of the giant civilization. It should be noted that they were greatly aided in this feat (he started out as a level 10 solo, you guys) by the wand given to them by Twitterpuff.

After a tense and awkward moment the giants embraced them as kin forevermore. The party was faced with a choice to use their new-found goodwill to avert the planned raid on the the valley below, or to join the giants and pass from the ledgers of fame to infamy.

To be continued….



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