Craggin's Lament

Completed Quests

Hearth Morgh: The party cleaned out the kobold infestation and explored the settlement (part of the Dwarven Settlements Arc).

The Missing Baron: The missing baron of Altea was found to have been murdered by bandits in the Summer Pass. His body was recovered and set to rest by his family.

The Band of the Red Hand: has been wiped out, with the exception of their cook, Oswald. Oswald announced his intention to return to his former home in Altea.

Hearth Kiek: has been explored, and the party greatly enriched. (part of the Dwarven Settlements arc).

The King of Serpents: the basilisk that was terrifying the kobolds in the mines of Hearth Morgh has been slain.

Isor the Legitimate Businessman: The merchant Isor has been exposed as a lycanthrope and his smuggling ring dismantled. For this and their handling of the Baron of Altea affair the party has earned the esteem of the merchants.

A Wayward Paladin: Scalas McGee successfully convinced Orthis, master of the chapterhouse of Bahamet in Corm, of his piety and zeal… for now.

A Giant Menace: The party defeated Nik-Nak, the champion of the giants, thereby averting the certain destruction of Craggin’s Lament by the giant war band. Earl rewarded the party by giving them custody of Scalas’ brother, Acra (part of the Giant Politics plot arc).

A Most Vexatious Necromancer: Whether out of a noble desire to cleanse the world of evil or in simple vengeance for being hoodwinked, the party returned to the North Tower and took bloody revenge upon the ‘Floating Eyeball Death Priest’ (Part of the Clay Idol plot arc).

Drake eggs for Turis: Turis requested some live drake eggs. The party found some in a frost drake warren near the North Tower. In return, Turis will allow the party to send mail for free.

A congregation for Iach: Iach requested that you find some worshippers for him. Acra, the brother of Scalas, was eventually persuaded to lead the new sect. In return, Iach granted the party the Boon of Iach. Some intriguing details about the flora near the shrine also came to light.

A Small Problem: The party accompanied Tik to the frozen highlands and with a ruse and a hard fight slayed a frost giant. Tik now has the credibility he needs to become the champion of the giants (Part of the Giant Politics plot arc).



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